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Daily Archives: December 5, 2020

  • Sometimes a reboot is good

    Posted on December 5th, 2020 at 16:20 Comment on the AskWoody Lounge

    So today as I’m taking a slight break from technology … well kinda (*)…. and baking Christmas spritz cookies I am reminded of a reboot I had to do yesterday.  A modem reboot.  I have a consumer Comcast modem at home that every now and then I have to reboot.  The comcast app lets you do it quite easily.  Mind you I have another router in FRONT of that Comcast because we all know how we love ISP provided things and prefer something between us and them.

    At the office I have a similar set up with a Business level model that I honestly forget that every now and then it’s good for it to be rebooted as well.  It’s more rock solid.  But just yesterday I thought the site was down.  Wouldn’t come up for me.  I knew that my internet was still up because I could get to other sites.  So then I started the normal…. is it me?  Is it them?

    I opened up a command line and typed in ping  Everything came back with no packet loss.  Then I went to the is it down site.  Hmmm still not down.  I then took my iphone off of the firm wifi and tried on cellular.  Hmmm the site worked.  I had in the middle of that emailed PK and Kirsty and they said it was fine.  Must be me.  But my firewall me or my Comcast modem me?  So I have some guest wifi that goes through the Comcast but not through the firm firewall and I connected to that with my iphone.   I even remoted into my home system and realized for sure it was just the office.  (Home is also on Comcast)   So it must be the Comcast modem.  Had to wait until after 5 p.m. to reboot and sure enough, that was the issue.

    So a kind reminder…  EVERYONE including things you consider “rock solid” need a reset or a reboot every now and then.  What are you doing to reset or reboot your technology and yourself these days?  Do you regularly reboot your modem/router and any other wifi devices?  What steps do you use to troubleshoot connectivity issues?  What do you do to narrow down that it’s you and not them?  As calling anyone these days for tech support is not the most relaxing or fulfilling task these days.

    (*) Okay so not completely free of technology, I am using my phone to search for a Christmas spritz cookie recipe and listening to Christmas Jazz on my Sonos streaming system.