• Born: “You don’t have permission to shut down and restart this computer” bug now evident on Win10 machines

    Remember the problem reported two weeks ago, where Win7 would stall on shut down, displaying the message “You You don’t have permission to shut down this computer”?

    Günter Born is back with repeated reports that the same message now appears on Win10 machines:

    Looks like the prime suspect is Adobe Creative Cloud but Born also points the finger at BitDefender Total Security and the January .NET Framework 4.8 patch.

    Born has a link to Microsoft’s admission that the patch problem exists:

    On February 13, 2020, Paul Sey, Microsoft employee and owner of Microsoft Answers forum wrote here:

    “We’ve identified and resolved the issue, which was related to a recent Adobe Genuine update that impacted a small number of Windows 7 users. Adobe has fully rolled back the update automatically for all impacted customers. No action is needed by customers. If you are still experiencing the issue, it will be resolved shortly via an automatic update.”

    But, as you can readily confirm, either the link is bad or Microsoft has yanked it.

    Sergiu Gatlan at Bleeping Computer has a screenshot of Paul Sey’s reply, but I’ll be hanged if I can find it. Can you?

    UPDATE: Paul Sey’s comment is back — I could’ve sworn it wasn’t there early this morning when I checked. Thx to the commenters who pointed me to it! I note in passing that it still hasn’t been added to the Release Information Status page — perhaps because Microsoft considers it to be an Adobe bug.