• How can a Win10 1903 user keep 2004 off their machine?

    Interesting question from CN:

    Windows 1903 Home user…  I searched the forum for help with this, and I found a post, but I can’t find all the replies, and I can’t find instructions to help me stop this forced upgrade. The replies I can read seem to reference blocking strategies that I can’t use (perhaps for Windows Pro users?)

    Updates just resumed after a 3 week pause for the month of July. Win 2004 is now installing without my requesting it, accepting it, or clicking Check for Updates. I paused the install until September, but where on the forum can I find a way to allow other updates when we hit DEFCON 3 without installing Win 2004?

    Do you know of a reliable magic incantation to keep MS from pushing 1903 Home to 2004? I wrote about this back in May, but now it seems that MS is going after 1903 users without offering the circuit breaker “Download and install” option.