• HP Issues Sure Click Enterprise 4.2 Patch 1 to fix Initialization Failures caused by Windows Updates (October 2020)

    Posted on October 15, 2020, HP announced the release of HP Sure Click Enterprise 4.4 Patch 1 and Bromium Secure Platform 4.1 Update 8 (Patch 5) to fix Initialization failures caused by October 2020 Windows Updates.

    Issue Description

    After installing any of the referenced Windows Update KBs below, HP Sure Click Enterprise and Bromium Secure Platform will be unable to successfully initialize. New initialization attempts will fail with error UPDATEGUEST_NETWORK_SETUP_FAIL. Your devices will continue to work until a new initialization is needed, giving you additional time to rollback the Microsoft KBs. New initialization requests would generally be caused by:

    • Upgrading supported applications to a new major version, such as Chrome, Microsoft Office or Adobe Reader.

    • Manually requesting a new initialization from the Desktop Console

    • Installing a new version of HP Sure Click Enterprise

    This is a list of the Windows Updates affected

    • KB4579311 – Windows 10 Version 2004 x64
    • KB4577671 – Windows 10 Version 1903 x64
    • KB4577671 – Windows 10 Version 1909 x64
    • KB4577668 – Windows 10 Version 1809 x64
    • KB4580330 – Windows 10 Version 1803 x64
    • KB4580328 – Windows 10 Version 1709 x64
    • KB4580346 – Windows 10 Version 1607 x64
    • KB4580327 – Windows 10 RTM x6

    HP Sure Click Enterprise 4.2 Patch 1 Released.

    According to Windows Central

    There’s HP Sure Click Enterprise. HP calls this the “world’s most secure endpoint application isolation and containment solution.” Supported on Windows 8 and Windows 10, Sure Click Enterprise brings enhanced run-time protection with non-persistent virtual machines. It can also protect user credentials from phishing attacks and supports large-scale deployments.

    Gunter Born has more details on Born’s Tech and Windows World.