• Is the Disappearing Profile bug still alive and well?

    This morning I logged in to my Win10 Pro v2004 VM, and, after entering my password, ran into the rolling circle of dots that took minutes and a message “Preparing Windows.”
    It opened into a desktop with a “We can’t log you in to your account” box in the middle of the screen and a desktop that was not mine.
    Note, there were no obvious updates in the last few days, no other indication that anything was going on.
    I shut down (not restarted) the VM – don’t have Fast Startup, sleep, or hibernation. In fact, I have removed the hiberfile. So no hangovers.
    Restarted the VM, logged in again, and everything was normal. My Profile was back.

    Seems the disappearing profile bug is still alive and well. And it isn’t necessarily precipitated by an (obvious) update.

    Has anyone else seen this lately? Tell us your version of Win10 (v1809, v1903, v1909, or v2004) and the Edition (Home or Pro).