• Is there a way to cheat Pause Update?

    We just got an interesting anonymous post, from someone who may have found a way to Pause Updates in Win10 1903 and 1909 beyond the allowed 35-day limit.

    (For those who haven’t been following closely, we’ve ascertained that the advice I gave in Computerworld last week isn’t quite correct: You can click on “Pause updates for seven more days” up to 35 days, total. So if you clicked on “Pause updates for 7 more days” twice last week, you can still click it more times this week. It’s just that the total paused updates, starting on the day you first paused updates, maxes out at 35.)

    Here’s the anonymous post:

    I am using Windows 10 v1903 x64 Home Edition on my laptop and updated patches until Jan 2020 via Windows Update back in Jan 2020. Checked on Settings > Update & Security > Windows Update today and pause update was set until 26 Feb 2020. Hit Advanced Options and maximum pause update can be extended to 27 Feb 2020 i.e. only by 1 day.

    Tinkered by hitting resume updates and Windows Update started it’s checking run. Once the list of available updates are shown and then they are set to “Pending Download” Status. Interrupted the Windows Update process by hitting “Airplane Mode” i.e. cutting the internet connection.

    Checked on Advanced Options again and the maximum pause update is now until 29 Mar 2020. Extended the pause update accordingly. Checked on View Update History indicated those listed patches installation as failed.

    Note : My Internet connection setting is on “Metered Connection”.

    The technique doesn’t seem to be restricted to Home – it appears to work on Pro, too.

    In short, if you hit the end of your 35 day Pause, then set your internet connection to Metered, then click Resume Updates (and, possibly, disconnect from the internet at that point), the 35-day meter gets reset.

    Very clever, if it works.

    Can anyone out there confirm?