• It looks like the announced-but-not-fixed CVE-2020-0796 “CoronaBlue” vuln is only for Server 1903 and 1909

    I’ll have more details about this shortly, but many of you admins are rightly concerned about the CVE-2020-0796 security hole, which was announced, then not announced, then announced again in Microsoft ADV200005 | Microsoft Guidance for Disabling SMBv3 Compression.

    Long story short, it looks like MS was poised to release a patch yesterday, then decided at the last minute to cancel the patch — but somehow word of the cancellation didn’t make it to at least two organizations that published details about it.

    It looks like the security hole only affects Win10 1903, 1909, Server 1903 and 1909. Per Florian Roth:

    There’s a lot of information available about the hole and countermeasures from Satnam Narang on Tenable, from Sergiu Gatlan at BleepingComputer, Catalin Cimpanu at ZDNet and, in the past couple of hours, Dan Goodin at Ars Technica. Those of you running networks with SMBv3 should take a look.

    If you’re running a network on Win7 or Server 2008 R2, you’re good. SMBv3 didn’t even exist back then. 🙂

    And if you aren’t in charge of a network, sit back and smile. You have other things to worry about.

    UPDATE: Catalin Cimpanu now says:

    I have now seen/talked to 3 different people claiming they found the bug in less than 5 minutes. I won’t be surprised if exploits pop up online by the end of the day.