• June 2020 patch overview: Three different ways MS is fixing its bugs this month

    June was a very strange month for Windows patching:

    • A traditionally botched patch with a manual-download-only Out of Band fix
    • A botched Windows patch that knocked out Outlook Click-to-Run, fixed by a fix for Outlook
    • A couple of patches distributed via the Windows Store

    But at least Microsoft figures Win10 version 2004 is ready for Surface computers.

    Many details in Computerworld Woody on Windows.

    UPDATE: The KB article was updated last night with answers to several of the questions posed in the article. Highlights:

    • Only customers who have installed the optional HEVC or “HEVC from Device Manufacturer” media codecs from Microsoft Store may be vulnerable.
    • These updates are for optional apps/components that are offered to customers as a download via the Microsoft Store. Updates for optional store apps/components are provided via the Microsoft Store.
    • You can check the version of the installed package. For example, click on Settings, Apps & Features and slect HEVC, Advanced Options. You will see the version there. The secure versions are 1.0.31822.0, 1.0.31823.0 and later.

    ANOTHER UPDATE: @abbodi86 has a correction to the KB FAQ:

    • The optional HEVC codec exists by default in Windows Client editions since version 1809, except N and LTSC editions.

    That’s quite a discrepancy – especially because it basically invalidates MS’s approach to distributing the fix via the Microsoft Store.