• Making an old PC virtually immortal


    By TB Capen

    If you’ve spent years building, repairing, and managing PCs, you’ve probably accumulated a veritable junkyard of old PCs and parts — some still working, some not so much.

    For most of my computing career, my standard practice for disposing of obsolete (at least to me) machines has been to remove the hard drive and donate or recycle everything else. Then, once I’ve gone through the drive and archived important information elsewhere, I’ll typically wipe it and add it to my pile of empty-but-still-functional drives.

    Occasionally, I’ll attach a spare drive to a PC via a USB-to-hard drive connector (more info) to archive files or move really big chunks of data from machine to machine.

    Sometimes, however, I prefer to keep a system as it was originally intended — with a working operation system, applications, and data. And the best way I know to do that without having a bunch of boxes sitting by my desk is to transfer the full setups into virtual machines.

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