• MS-DEFCON 4: Get the September 2020 patches installed

    If you’re running SQL Server 2019, surprise!, Microsoft yanked the old cumulative update and replaced it with a working one last night.

    In general, it looks like a pretty healthy bunch of patches, with the usual (undocumented) problems: the “temporary profile” bug; stealthy installation of KB 4023057; odd miscellaneous blue screens and interface bleeps.

    I still won’t install version 2004 on my production machines, even though about one-third of all Win10 users have swallowed that pill. There’s nothing in version 2004 that warrants even the slightest bit of sweat off your brow.

    So I’m moving us to MS-DEFCON 4: There are isolated problems with current patches, but they are well-known and documented here. Check this site to see if you’re affected and if things look OK, go ahead and patch.

    Full story in Computerworld Woody on Windows.