• Open questions about the Win10 version 2004 upgrade

    Susan has spotted the new Feature Update notification at the bottom of the Windows Update pane on her main machine:

    I still haven’t seen it on any of my machines.

    Can anyone tell me, definitively, which combination of circumstances lead to the appearance of that notice? Looks like having Feature Update deferrals set to non-zero may be part of the equation, but I don’t see the whole picture yet.

    What concerns me the most are the very infrequent mentions of 2004 being installed without a click on the “Download and install” link.

    I’m willing to bet that the people who get upgraded to version 2004 somehow, accidentally perhaps, clicked on that link.

    Do you have any observations to the contrary?

    Of course, I DON’T recommend that you install 2004. Let’s see what the pioneers discover….