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  • Parallels removes functionality to run Insider Dev Channel Previews unannounced

    Posted on September 16th, 2020 at 06:38 Comment on the AskWoody Lounge

    I have been in the Insider Program since October 2014, running the Insider Fast Ring/Dev Channel Previews in Parallels Standard Edition VMs on Macs with no problems during that time. Parallels v15 has been hosting the VMs since the end of 2019 flawlessly – until Win10 Pro Insider Build 20175.1000 when the Builds suddenly started failing to install.
    Parallels recently issued version 16, and thinking that would solve the problem, I upgraded on August 14th. Still the Insider Previews failed to install, so I opened a support ticket. After a remote session with a Parallels Engineer, who said to contact Microsoft because it was an MS problem, the followup email response from Parallels:

    We have escalated the issue you reported to the Development Team and they are working to address it in one of the future builds of Parallels Desktop for Mac.

    While we do not have ETA for the fix, it has been prioritized appropriately and you can track the changes in the product at the corresponding knowledge base article page

    Reading through the Parallels Forums, sheds light on the problem. Parallels removed functionality from version 15 between updates without notice.
    Parallels Support agent Ajith says:

    Enabling nested virtualization helps in updating to latest Windows Insider build which is only available with Pro and Business subscription. As you are testing Windows beta versions as a professional using Pro is the right choice and will have more features compared to the standard edition.

    And I have to agree with Parallels Forum poster “SoonToBeFormerParallelsUser” who responds

    It is DISHONEST to not publicly announce you are no longer supporting Previews and then turn around and demand upgrade to Pro to re-enable that functionality.

    And follows with

    You misstated that Parallels has removed the feature & ability to boot recent Windows Insider Preview builds. Preview builds WORKED FINE until build 20175 through NO FAULT of Microsoft. It is Parallels’s FAULT.

    You left out that within the same version (v15) Parallels has mysteriously not been able to install and boot these recent builds. It’s no accident.

    Why didn’t Parallels do the HONEST thing and announce that starting with v16, the new release, that Preview builds would not be supported and you would have to upgrade to Pro. Instead they broke the software ON PURPOSE with NO ANNOUNCEMENT.

    In the past, I have praised Parallels Desktop for functionality and Parallels Support for being among the best. What a shame they have fallen to this kind of deceptive practices.