• Patch Lady – don’t install optional updates

    One of the nice changes to 1909 (it only took HOW many versions to get to this) is that the optional updates are not easily get-to-able.  Now you can see there is an optional update available, but you need to go to check for updates to actually install it.

    On 1909 I’m seeing several credible reports that the optional update for 1909 KB4532695 is causing bsod’s and issues.  Now I’ll take Gordon to task that I think his headline is too much, but regardless watch the Kitten Bowl, the Puppy Bowl, watch the Super Bowl, go prune your roses, do anything BUT install the optional updates that Microsoft releases in the second half of the month.

    Remember Check for updates on Windows 10 doesn’t just check for updates, it installs them, so don’t click there.  And skip KB4532695.