• Patch Lady – the minimum amount of RAM

    …. so as I was building my 2004 version of Windows 10 in a virtual machine I built it with my “normal” RAM memory that I do for testbeds…. 2 gig.  And proceeded to hit several OOBE errors during setup.

    As per https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/4020048/windows-oobe-fails-when-you-start-a-new-windows-based-computer-for-the  “This issue occurs because the specific timing of the OOBE process causes a deadlock situation”

    Hmm says I.  Deadlocks and race conditions normally occur with starved resources.  And I shut down my VM, upped the RAM memory to 5 gigs and hit the start button so it would pick up again from the OOBE sequence (that’s the part that ask you where you live, what language, etc).

    Sure enough the OOBE completed happily this time.  Let this be a lesson… don’t buy a Windows 10 computer with less than 4 gigs of ram… it’s not going to be happy!!