• Patch Lady – World Book encylopedia never did this

    Last night I posted a concern I had about the upcoming Office 365 “Browser hijack” whereby Office 365 pro plus is planning to insert into the Chrome browser an extension that will make Bing the default Search engine.  I indicated that even the wikipedia entry on Browser hijacking listed Office 365 Pro plus.

    Interestingly enough on the same day that entry was removed, then added back, then removed, then added back.  Clearly the admins of Wikipedia are having an argument over there over what constitutes browser hijacking.  My old fashioned World Book Encylopedia never showcased that the Editors had differences of opinion as much as Wikipedia does.

    Well Mr. Connolley I think it does.  A few other people do too.  I’m still hoping that saner minds will prevail and not do this.  Needless to say we here at Askwoody.com will be giving you instructions on how to fix it if – or rather when – they do.