• The former head of Windows: “Mac will be the ultimate developer PC”

    I don’t quote Steve Sinofsky very often, but he just posted this on Twitter – and it rings very true.

    Steve Troughton-Smith:

    I really hope the ARM transition is what gets Apple’s Mac lineup to 120Hz, Face ID & touch. There are so many things we take for granted on iOS that make macOS feel broken without them, and with the convergence of the software and hardware it feels like those are closer than ever


    It will. Guaranteed. In two years there is only ARM hardware and in 4 Intel will be ancient memory. The ecosystem will have rolled over. And Mac will be the ultimate developer PC. iPad will be used for more and more “work”. PS yes a computer without touch is broken.

    Yes, this is the Steve Sinofsky who started on Excel development, ran the Office side of things for many years, then shifted over to lead the team that finished Windows 7 and created Windows 8. Yes, that Windows 8.

    I rarely, rarely find myself agreeing with SteveSi on anything. But in this case, I think he’s right.

    (Don’t tell Steve I said, that, OK?)