• The Win10 version 2004 bugs keep rolling in

    I absolutely do NOT recommend that you upgrade to Win10 version 2004, until we’ve had a few more months to get the problems ironed out.

    That said, I’m seeing bug reports all over the place. There’s even a topic here on the site about it.


    Right-clicking on the Windows Start flag I get all options but only those directly connected to the Windows Settings work (Apps & Feature, Power Options, System, Network Options, Settings, Search, Run, Logout/shutdown, Desktop). All others do not result in any action whatsoever. I have reported this to the MS Framework Hub, but not sure they arrived at destination. The options not working are all those dealing with Computer Management (Task Manager, Disk/Computer/Device Management, PowerShell).

    @Jack Wood

    Installed Build 2004 on an older Dell Studio 17 and it nuked my display driver… Dell no longer supports Studio laptops…I cannot find the original driver on AMD’s website.

    Lenovo has new drivers to guard against the Blue Screens that were triggered on their laptops. ThinkPad touchpads also have multiple problems.
    The blue-dimming app f.lux has problems. Günter Born talks about that and multi-monitor bugs on his blog.

    These are in addition to the problems Microsoft has fessed up to (how’s that for a dangling participle?), and the ones I listed in Computerworld last week. They’re also in addition to the many one-off problems that people are encountering, including several discussed by Mayank Parmar last week.

    Parmar also notes extensive bugs in Storage Spaces and the Drive Optimizer in Windows Latest.

    Do you know a good, solid, replicable bug that lots of people are encountering when they upgrade to version 2004?