• Win7 error: “You don’t have permission to shut down this computer

    I’m seeing lots and lots of Win7 customers complaining that they can’t shut down their computers. When they try to turn their machines off through any of the normal means, Win7 throws the error “You don’t have permission to shut down this computer.”

    Reddit has two threads on the problem.

    Win7 has long thrown that error, for various reasons. But suddenly, in the past two days, there’s been a blossoming of complaints.

    Lord_Velkan on the original Reddit thread has what appears to be a fix:

     I created a new admin account. Logged off my original one and log in the new and than back to the original.

    I can’t replicate on my Seven Semper Fi machine, which is up-to-date through the January Monthly Rollup. Any of you seeing the same problem? Does the second admin account workaround fix it?

    Thx @Average-Jane.