• Windows Latest: The May Win10 1903/1909 cumulative update knocks around audio drivers — and the misplaced data/temporary profile bug is still there

    Mayank Parmar at Windows Latest has an all-too-familiar round up of problems with this month’s Win10 version 1903 and 1909 cumulative update, KB 4556799:

    Users running Windows 10 May 2019 Update (Win10 version 1903) and November 2019 Update (Win10 version 1909) are reporting that the update is a serious fail with a wide range of issues including a broken audio adapter, temporary user profile, Blue Screen of Death, and even an uninformative error message during the installation process.

    As was the case last month, there are swarms of bug reports about this month’s cumulative update, running all over the web.

    As was the case last month, it isn’t clear how widespread the problems might be. Microsoft — assuming it knows the extent of the damage — isn’t saying anything. Of course.

    For details, see Parmar’s article, but the gist is:

    • Realtek (and possibly other) audio drivers get scrambled. Parmar has a workaround.
    • Microsoft still hasn’t fixed the temporary profile “missing data” bug that we’ve been railing about for months. MS hasn’t even acknowledged the bug, even though it’s been reported extensively on the Microsoft Answers forum, the Microsoft-posted Win10 Reddit thread and in the Microsoft Feedback Hub.
    • There’s a wide array of blue screens, installation failures, and miscellaneous update halitosis.

    Can you corroborate any of the problems?

    Of course, we remain on MS-DEFCON 2. There’s no reason for “normal” Windows users to install this month’s patches. Yet.