• Windows Lock Screen showing ad for Chredge – even with advertising turned off

    Another bit of sludge from @howardagoldberg….

    He’s been telling me that his Win10 Lock Screen is showing a Chredge ad. I suggested he make sure that he has all of the Lock Screen advertising settings turned off — there’s nothing strange under Start > Settings > Personalization > Lock Screen. In particular, he isn’t using Windows spotlight as his Preview screen.

    About half an hour ago, he made this snapshot of his Lock Screen:

    Apparently this isn’t the full ad. He explains:

    Not all text displayed … there was another sentence that mentioned Edge by name before (battery icon on the lower right also didn’t resolve – sometimes happens before logging in). At any rate you get the idea. It’s there. All notifications turned off for lock screen …

    And this is on a PC that uses a Local Account – not a Microsoft Account.

    Have you been around long enough to remember the righteous indignation about PC manufacturers installing bloatware on PCs? You can still find Microsoft’s ad for their Signature Edition PCs, although you can’t buy one any more…

    Apparently Microsoft stopped selling Signature Edition PCs after August 2018. (If you have a more precise date I’d sure like to hear about it.)

    How the mighty have fallen. Microsoft continues to slide down that slippery road….

    UPDATE: Goldberg now advises that he may have had “Fun Facts” turned on in the Lock Screen dialog. This may be a self-inflicted wound (although I continue to lament the passing of the Signature Edition PC program). Will keep you posted.