• Zero day for Windows 7

    Bleeping computer reports that 0-patch is releasing a fix for a zero day in Windows 7 and server 2008 R2.

    I haven’t yet seen an out of band patch released to Windows 7 ESUs but I’ll keep you posted.

    One clarification on that post, Sergiu says “At the moment, only small-and-midsize businesses or organizations with volume-licensing agreements can get an ESU license until January 2023.”  You actually don’t need a volume licensing agreement in order to buy Windows 7 patches.  Amy Babinchak is still selling Windows 7 ESUs and for anyone who bought them last year, she’ll be contacting you to see if you want the updates again this year.  Microsoft hasn’t yet set it up so that the 2021 Windows  7 ESUs are on their price list, but I’m guessing December 1st is when they will post it to the price list.  It’s expected to be twice the price of last years.