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  • Tasks for the weekend – September 4, 2021 – Managing Bitlocker

    (Youtube here)

    …or rather managing bitlocker to ensure you don’t have it when you didn’t know you had it.

    As you may or may not be aware, certain Dell and certain Surface computers automatically turn on Bitlocker if you use a Microsoft account. The bitlocker recover key is backed up online in a Microsoft account – or an Azure account – and during the process of installing updates I’ve personally had my Surface device ask me for the bitlocker recovery key. After a moment of panic I remembered that the key was backed up online.

    Now the way to see if you have – or don’t – have bitlocker – is to

    1. click on windows explorer,
    2. click on my computer
    3. right mouse click on the c drive, see if the option is there to turn ON bitlocker. If it says to turn OFF bitlocker, then either turn it off or log into that link above and see if your bitlocker key is backed up. if it says to turn ON bitlocker then bitlocker is not on.

    As I talk about in the video, if it’s enabled make sure you KNOW exactly where that recovery key is backed up at.

    Microsoft account link for Bitlocker keys:

    Azure link for Bitlocker keys: