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  • November 1 – basic auth is really being shut off

    PK reminded me of this the other day:

    New minimum Outlook for Windows version requirements for Microsoft 365 – Microsoft Tech Community

    What is it?

    Microsoft is finally (after a delay due to the pandemic) shutting off “basic” authentication to Microsoft 365. So if you have an older Outlook that you are using to access Microsoft 365 this will impact you as there is no longer any grace period. Basic authentication is older, less secure way of passing usernames and passwords to the hosted email.  Attackers go after basic authentication and can gain access, thus it’s EXTREMELY good that they are FINALLY shutting this off once and for all. But that said, it doesn’t make it easier for you if you love Outlook 2010.

    But I don’t have Microsoft 365, what do I care?

    Ah but do you have your email through a service like Godaddy which these days uses Microsoft 365 on the back end? I’ve also seen some ISPs offer their email through Microsoft 365.

    Bottom line if you use an older Outlook – like Outlook 2007 or 2010 you need to migrate off of those desktop versions if you connect to Microsoft hosted email.

    Remember if you are not a fan of the newer Outlook there are other options including the web based version of Outlook but be aware that Thunderbird may not work, especially in a business setting.

    How can I know what my ISP uses?

    I’d check their help forums (yea, I know that’s not a great answer), or ask here and we’ll see if we can figure it out for you!  I’ll remind you again in the newsletter when it gets closer to November 1.