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  • Got something between you and…?

    I always call the difference between “managed” (those computers behind some sort of group policy, or patching platform) and “unmanaged” (those computers that have no settings other than to update from Microsoft update) as whether or not you have something between you and Redmond.

    So what’s she’s saying is that if you are a business user and have WSUS or SCCM or have used Windows Update for business policies – YOU have to choose Windows 11 in order to get it.

    Now for those of us that Microsoft affectionately calls “Unmanaged” – that is those of us that us Microsoft update.

    First – if your machine can’t handle Windows 11 it won’t be offered it.

    If your machine has a feature deferral setting (that registry key/group policy setting that PK has pointed to here ) it will not upgrade to Windows 11 without you explicitly entering Windows 11.

    Remember what I said earlier….

    I’ve made it easier for you by including links to download these registry keys. If you want to stay on 21H1, click on this link and install it on your system. If you plan to let your machine upgrade to 21H2, click on this link. And if you leave the setting alone and do nothing, and your computer does not have the hardware capabilities for Windows 11, you will not be offered the upgrade. If you do have hardware that can handle Windows 11, you’ll be offered — but not pushed to — Windows 11.