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  • Tips for the weekend – why are you still on 2004?

    Video here

    For all of you askwoody readers that are still on 2004, after I give the go ahead for patching later on in the month, I’ll want you to do not only the updates for the month, but figure out why you are still stuck on 2004.  When I make the decision to upgrade to whatever version, my preferred way to upgrade is to go to the ISO download page and start the install from there by clicking on upgrade now, then launch the exe file that downloads and run the upgrade. It should install and then ask for a reboot.

    I’ve seen a few folks have issues with vpn software and with the update not occuring at all. Often the two drivers most impacted by feature releases are network card drivers and video card drivers. Go to the vendor’s site and see if you can find newer drivers.  If you’ve had issues getting 21H2 installed and regularly use VPN software, I’d honestly recommend uninstalling vpn software and reinstalling it afterwards. I’ve seen issues in past feature release installation processes triggered by installed

    Bottom line, use this post to let me/us know that you are still stuck on Windows 10 2004.  By now the majority of home users should have been offered a later version. So if you are STILL on 2004, please post here in the comments. I want to figure out why you are still stuck!


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