• Browsers with the best security and privacy in 2021

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    ISSUE 18.46 • 2021-11-29


    Brian Livingston

    By Brian Livingston

    Most of us use a Web browser on our personal computers or smartphones every day, but few of us truly know what those browsers are really doing for us — or to us.

    Too many browsers “leak” information about us and our everyday activities to backend servers, which are run by ad-tracking firms, search-engine giants, or the browser makers themselves.

    It’s extremely difficult to guess which browser is the “most secure” for surfing the Web. There are, to be sure, many respectable review sites that rank browsers. But most of the reviews weigh a browser’s security against unrelated features — ease of use, speed of throughput, memory usage, etc. — producing only a composite score.

    In this article, I focus solely on how well browsers deliver security against malware and protect the privacy of your personal identity.

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