• Coming soon to a forum near you

    Youtube demonstrating the changes

    Here’s a sneak peak of upcoming changes to the forum. We’ ve got a new “skin” on the forum that will make it easier to start new posts. Up at the top of each location will be a spot to click to jump to make a new post.

    We will be getting rid of that confusing “comment” link that never went anywhere.

    Click below on the funky url to check out the changes!

    Test of the new forum

    And when do we plan to make the change?

    Why October 5th of course!  If Microsoft can roll out a change, so can we!  Stay tuned!

    P.S. want to know how to change the colors for links on a web page to what you want? There’s lots of ways to do it. Some are with the use of addons, some you can use the accessibility feature to enable different colors.