• Coming soon to a Windows 10 near you

    This is the time of the month that we normally see preview updates for Windows 10.

    Per the ITpro blog, included in the preview updates will be a new “News and interests” on the task bar.  The official announcement is here, but the IT pro blog gives a bit more information about the timing and roll out….

    News and interests on the taskbar will begin rolling out to Windows 10 users today. We are taking a measured approach starting with the April 2021 Cumulative Update Preview for Windows 10, and broad availability will occur in phases. Devices running Windows 10, version 1909 (and later) who have installed the May 2021 Windows monthly update (or later) will be included in this phased rollout.

    So as I’m reading between the lines, if you have the April preview or main May update installed, this new task bar will start showing up.

    For the record I have a person in the office that I STILL find the Vista era gadgets and install them on his Windows 10 because he prefers the date and clock in his sidebar. Which if you remember they got rid of because they found that attackers could sneak things in there and they were vulnerable.

    Bottom line know that your task bar will change. Don’t know when…. but it will…

    P.S. I will be investigating if there is a registry key available for Home users to turn it off, stay tuned.

    TenForums has a tutorial on how to disable the taskbar “News and Interests” via group policy or registry key file. (Thanks to Bruce for pointing that out)