• Final year for Windows 7 ESU

    Ted and Amy from Harbor Computer reminded me that we are coming up to year 3 of the Windows 7 ESU program. As a reminder, every year the price tag of ESU’s keep going up.

    If you still need to patch and protect Windows 7 you have a couple of options, some official, some not official:

    Official way – especially if you are a business/consultant and need to be official is to reach out to Harbor computer services and purchase year 3 of the ESU (you can click here to once again sign up keeping in mind that unless you’ve already purchased year 1 and 2, you’d have to purchase years 1, 2 AND 3. So I see this final year of support for only those folks that have a business need.

    For the rest remember that oPatch is still providing support.

    Continuing with Extended Security Updates. Those who wanted to keep using Windows 7 or Windows Server 2008 R2 and purchased Extended Security Updates from Microsoft are now facing another doubling of the price for year 2022. For a fraction of this price0patch continues to provide critical security patches for these two Windows versions at least until 2023, and perhaps longer if there’s sufficient interest.

    As always Windows 7 is still tracked in the Askwoody forums.