• Got your Plus newsletter now?

    So hopefully by now you have received your PLUS newsletter for the week. First, apologies. For some unknown reason that I’m unsure of at this time,  Mailchimp flagged our Plus newsletter account and would not send out the emails last night. They finally unblocked the account around noon pacific time, but for a while there I was considering alternatives.

    When I reached out to Mailchimp the issue they said was “As you know, this was a pause by Omnivore, our automated abuse-prevention system, and was done out of caution, rather than for correction. It scans account and campaign content, and prompts human review so we can determine whether correction is needed, or, as is the case here, all’s well.”

    Okay so how much do you want to bet that a software update nailed us? Sigh.  Apologies again, sorry for the inconvenience, we should be fully back to mailing you properly now. Remember stay tuned for the MS-DEFCON 4 to go out this week.