• MS-DEFCON 2: Defer Windows & Office updates to June 24

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    ISSUE 18.20.1 • 2021-06-04
    MS-DEFCON Level 2

    By Susan Bradley

    Consumer and home users

    Hopefully, you’ve taken the time to get the May updates installed.

    Before next Tuesday, be sure you are comfortable with your methodology for deferring updates. For Windows updates, I’m still a fan of the method I call “pick the date.” Go to Settings, then to Update and Security; click on Advanced options, and select Pause updates. Then use the Select date drop-down to choose the date when you’d like updates to resume. I’m suggesting June 24.

    Note that the News and Interests notification will be fully enabled in your task bar this month.

    For Office updates, open up any Office application, click on File, Office Account, Office Updates; choose Disable Updates. You can resume updates later in the month. While you have Office updates disabled, avoid opening macro-enabled files as a defense against potential ransomware threats.

    Business users

    Ransomware has been a big topic in the news this month. While doing your patch testing, continue to educate your end users about the dangers posed by simple tasks done carelessly — opening emails, transferring files, clicking on links, etc. Greater danger requires greater vigilance.


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