• Tasks for the weekend – August 14, 2021 – how’s your backup?

    Youtube here demonstrating Windows and Mac backup software

    It’s that time of the month that I make sure that I’m getting a good backup.  So I open up the backup software I use and check the status.

    A quick and dirty way to see if a backup is running is to review the file dates on the folder where the backup is stored. If the dates are daily, you know it’s working.

    I also every now and then delete a file and then restore it.

    Remember the goal here is to make your life easier should something happen. So think of your key data – files, photos, maybe music?  Whatever you would be very upset if you lost, make sure that you have a backup of that. You can sync to another hard drive. You can make a full copy of your computer.

    Don’t forget to also make copies of the software you rely on, so if it’s on CDrom, ensure you have a copy of it, or have copied the files to your backup drive as well so you can reinstall it later.

    Bottom line, make sure you have a backup of your key files, whether that system is Windows, Mac or Linux.