• Tasks for the weekend – August 21, 2021 – what VPN should you choose?

    Youtube here

    I spotted this over on Michael Horowitz’s web site with a checklist to choose a VPN.

    VPNs can be used for more privacy as well as to overcome geo blocking for various web sites. If you are a fan of something on British or French television and it’s not offered on French Slingbox or Britbox streaming services, it’s one way to see the television show.

    Now a word of warning, the firewall we use on the site often reacts unfavorably to VPN services so you may need to try a different IP address if you get blocked.

    One word of advice- always pay for your VPN services, don’t use a free service. I guarantee that if you search for a free vpn service you will find yourself on a malicious site. I personally use the service ExpressVPN when I’m needing to pretend to be on a different IP.

    So what VPN service do you use?

    And I’ll give you a heads up – there’s an excellent article coming up this week in Fred’s column about VPNs  – stay tuned!!