• Tasks for the weekend – August 28, 2021 – trying out new browsers

    (Youtube here demo-ing the various browsers)

    Last week’s newsletter about browsing your way to more security showcased that many of you are looking for browser options. It reminded me that the world is not just Edge, Firefox, Chrome or even Brave.

    Other browsers to investigate include:

    Vivaldi – native blocking

    Tor Browser – safeguards privacy

    Opera- Chromium based

    Now I will complain about Opera – either I missed a check box but it made itself default.

    So?  What browsers have you used lately?  I’d recommend having multiple ones installed and trying them out on your different devices. Many of them have versions for Windows, Apple, Linux and even phone platforms.

    And yes, note that the AskWoody site/WordFence that protects the site from attacks does NOT like the Tor Browser when it’s in what I’m going to call it’s “hide me” mode where you are using a vpn like connection to the tor network.  As many of you know (and can attest to) this is a common occurrence with the site. As always it’s hard to balance security and usability. Lower the security of the site, and the site suffers. Use a VPN or VPN like browser to gain security on your side and you suffer by being blocked. I’d recommend using multiple browsers and deciding which browser you use for your tasks and browsing that you want more private, and another for those sites that request a bit more from you.  In the meantime I have a case open with WordFence and I’ll keep you posted.  Security is never easy for sure.