• Tasks for the Weekend – February 6, 2021

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    This weekend is the time that you need to ensure you are set for next week. That means you should check that your system is set to defer updates. At this time Microsoft has deemed 2004 “ready for business”. On February 3rd they changed the status report that Windows 10, 2004 is designated for broad deployment. (Remember to use the targetreleaseversion setting to set it for 2004 if you want 2004 and no later than 2004.)

    I always take this time to look at the calendar to determine WHEN exactly I want to deal with patching issues. I also look at the reality of how long it takes Microsoft to investigate issues. When updates come out on Tuesday, it normally takes the weekend to investigate. Also Enterprises start testing and then I then go into the weekend for deployment. So by the time THEY get to reporting issues, it’s the weekend.

    If you have Windows 10 professional OR Windows 10 Home, I recommend setting “Pause updates” until a specific date. Pick a date on the calendar that you can deal with issues. For home users, you can do the metered network trick as well as picking a date.

    I personally don’t use the “pause updates” because when you UN pause it, it triggers a check for updates.  But this is your choice.

    Remember patching warning will be changing to Defcon2 on Monday and prepare for Patch Tuesday.