• Tasks for the weekend – July 24, 2021 – what’s your password?

    [Youtube video here]

    Just the other day I was helping someone out with setting up a new laptop and they didn’t know what their wifi password was. Fortunately the person who installed their internet connection had left behind a piece of paper that had a username and a password. I figured this was the account set up info and sure enough I was able to log into their Comcast account and figure out what their existing wifi password was. Does your ISP provide you with a web interface to review your wifi? Or an app that allows you to troubleshoot the Internet connection? Often rebooting devices is a great way to make the television or Internet magically get fixed and these apps can make it easier to determine if the issue is you or them.

    Also while you are poking around the ISP account, see if they have any shared hotspots turned on. In this wifi interface is often the place to disable this “shared hotspot” that many ISPs turn on by default.

    So have you logged into your ISP’s web account or downloaded their app? What do you do regularly with it?