• Tasks for the weekend – September 18, 2021 – it’s squirrel away time

    (Video here) It’s squirrel away time. Time to download a copy of Windows 10 21H1 and ensure you have a copy in case you need it to do a repair install or a clean install.

    To do this go to the Windows 10 ISO page and download a copy and place it on your computer or to a spare flash drive.

    We think that 21H2 might be coming out soon but we’re not sure when. Microsoft is very focused on Windows 11 and I’ve yet to see an announcement surrounding the release of 21H2. Regardless I recommend downloading a copy and keeping it aside.

    The other day I reinstalled from scratch on my home Lenovo laptop due to the fact that I wanted to really clean it up and it was slow in connecting via RDP. Once I got done installing the Windows 10, I went into device manager to see if there were any missing drivers. There were some missing. Even looking at the optional updates via Windows updates didn’t find all of the drivers. I ultimately went to the vendor web site and downloaded the drivers from there. There are a lot of third party websites out there that advertise that they can update your drivers. I strongly recommend not using these sites as some of them have less than stellar reputations.

    As always if you have any issues with your computer, we’re here to help.