• The scammers are a buzzing today

    Well I’m out in the garden on my Surface typing up tomorrow’s ComputerWorld article and enjoying the Spring weather…. meanwhile I’ve gotten about 8 robocalls trying to say they are from apple icloud support and that I have a problem with my service. Yea, right. There have been some days that my Dad has kept the scammers on for quite a while as he pretends to go along with the scammers. These days I’ve also noticed an increase in robocalls, ones where you pick up the phone and there is a funny computerized blurb noise at it picks up the call. There is even a Youtube channel where they do nothing but record scam calls.  How many are you getting lately?  I’ve seen an increase, have you?

    That’s the bees enjoying my Allium flowers. Hope you enjoy your day as well.