• Zero days in browser

    Whether or not you’ve installed the October updates, make sure your Chrome – and even Edge – browser is up to date.

    Two in-the-wild 0-days patched by Chrome: CVE-2021-38000 and CVE-2021-38003.

    Regardless of how you patch the underlying operating system, you want to make sure your browser is fully patched.

    Another operating system zero day was announced but I’m not as concerned about it. Given that “the exploit requires a threat actor to know another user’s user name and password to trigger the vulnerability, so it will likely not be widely abused in attacks“… this is one of those they need to get into your system or harvest information first. Thus it’s more of a business/enterprise risk for when the attacker is already in the network and has harvested credentials in the network per my read.

    Edit on 10-29-2021 – Edge’s Chromium update is now out.