Daily Archives: January 28, 2022

  • Closing out January

    Patch Lady
    It’s nearly the end of the month and it’s time to recap and review our computer systems for the month. Updates have been disruptive this month to say the least.

    For those of you that are not Plus members, one of the key items I work on and update several times during the month is the “Master patch list”. In it I recap the updates released during the month and track if you should – or should not – install the updates.  I place the listing on an Excel spreadsheet and also save it in csv, pdf and html formats. For those of you that would like a sneak peak, you can see it hereNote I’ve opened it up for a sneak peek at the end of the month for your use and review for anyone – plus member or not – given that this has been a rough month.

    For those of you that are Plus members, remember that I update the spreadsheet on a regular basis and post additional notes on this page. (Plus members only)

    Currently we also send out an alert that gets emailed when we change the MS-DEFCON and alert you to patching issues. In addition, there is a twitter account you can follow as well as sign up for text alerts.

    Question for those that follow the twitter account and the blog?  Would you want me to post a new post when I update the Master Patch Listing?  I don’t want to send out an email or an alert as we reserve those actions for the newsletters and the MS-DEFCON alerts, but I can certainly put a note here so that you know when it’s updated. Please let me know in the comment section as to your preferences!