Daily Archives: April 13, 2022

  • Master Patch List as of April 12th 2022

    Patches came out yesterday. So far not seeing anything major trending … yet.  But it’s honestly too early to tell the impact at this time. Edit 4/14/2022: Seeing some reports of issues with browsers with Norton and ESET antivirus.  I’m not seeing issues here with Defender. Based on comments it’s not widespread and thus too early to determine root cause at this time. I’d also make sure your browser is up to date.

    Edit 4/14/2022 3:21 pacific – check for updated a/v – this appears to have been resolved at least with ESET.

    I’ve updated the Master Patch Listing for the releases this month. Note, other than the browsers, I have pause or defer on everything else at this time.

    If there is anything I’ve typed in wrong, forgive me, I’m a bit bleary eyed this week as we are almost to the USA tax due date of April 18th. (No, not the 15th, but the 18th).  Take pity on your CPA and stop emailing or texting them photos of your tax documents. Not only is it not secure to be sending your sensitive tax data that way, it makes it EXTREMELY hard for us to print out or save the tax documents. The CPA listserve recently had a thread about how to deal with issue and we were all indicating how often this occurs. Remember if you can see that sensitive social security number as you email or text me that document, so can the attacker.

    Stay tuned for the details in the newsletter this weekend about the Patching issues and headlines and as always, I’ll keep the Master Patch Listing up to date with the latest.

    As always, thank you all for supporting the cause! Remember a mere $1 donation will give you access and if you donate $50 or more you’ll get a special code to enable text messages sent to your phone each time the Master Patch List gets updated and when I change the MS-DEFCON level.