Daily Archives: May 19, 2022

  • Master Patch List as of May 19, 2022 – out of band for server auth issues

    Microsoft has released an out of band update for Servers only to fix the authentication issues with certificates introduced in the May updates. I’ve updated the  Master Patch list  as a result.

    Cumulative updates:
    Note: You do not need to apply any previous update before installing these cumulative updates.
    Standalone Updates:

    Note these are not on Windows update, they are only on the Microsoft Update catalog.  They can be imported into WSUS.

    Note this issue does not impact consumers, only domain controllers in networks with an active directory domain.  So if you are a home or small business with a peer to peer network you will not be impacted.

    The only other fix discussed is to fix installing updates from the Microsoft store.  If you have been impacted by any other Windows 10/11 issues (.net stuff, black monitor, etc) I personally don’t think this out of band will fix those issues.  You certain can back up your system and try it, but I would be surprised/gobsmacked to hear that it actually fixed anything other than the auth problems on the servers and the Microsoft store install.