Daily Archives: August 27, 2022

  • Getting ready for 22H2

    I’ll be going into more detail next week about the steps I want you to take to get your machine ready for 22H2.

    There are two tasks for this weekend I’ll want you to do:

    Firstly use the Incontrol tool to ensure that your feature release is set to be on 21H2. Run the tool and ensure you have your machine set to install 21H2 and nothing more than that at this time.

    Next I always recommend that you download an ISO. What is an ISO? “The name ISO was taken from the name of the file system used by optical media, which is usually ISO 9660.” It’s the name for the digital download that you can use to install and more importantly for Windows 10, do a repair install of the operating system.

    I recommend that you go to the Microsoft download site (for Windows 10) and the download site for Windows 11 and just save the file on a flash drive, a spare hard drive, or any place you will remember you’ve got it stored, which sometimes is the hardest part.

    Click that download now button and save it to a location. Stay tuned, I’ll have more tips next week in the newsletter.