Daily Archives: August 30, 2022

  • Master patch list for August 30, 2022

    I’ve updated the Master Patch List today for the preview releases as well as clarifying a couple of items.

    Two concerning issues are still being tracked. First audio issues in some (not a lot, but some) computers with Windows 10 KB5016616. If you are impacted, uninstall the update and put yourself back on hold. In a network setting the known issue rollback will kick in. In a consumer setting, I have yet to figure out how the chicken will fix the egg.  The Known issue rollback fix is offered up from Microsoft servers, but the code to trigger the known issue rollback (as I understand it) is only in the August and later updates.  Note that even in the preview updates, this known issue is still being tracked. I still think that the patch will be installed, some small percent may see audio issues and then the known issue rollback will kick in, make sure you reboot a day or two after installing updates, and the problem will go away, but I don’t have a system impacted to test my theory.

    The second issue has to do with Secure boot patch KB5012170 failing to install.

    If you’ve already installed KB5012170, and see no side effects, leave the patch installed and take no action.

    If you haven’t installed KB5012170, first check to see if you have bitlocker enabled. To see if you do, click on start, then on search and type in bitlocker. You will see a “manage bitlocker”. Review that bitlocker is off.  If it’s on and YOU don’t know where that recovery key is, click in this window to turn it off. You can easily turn it off from this interface.

    Note that bitlocker is not bad, in fact my Dad has bitlocker enabled on his computer because he wants to ensure that should someone break into his house and steal his computer his sensitive data won’t be stolen as well. But in some computer systems the “oobe” out of box set up sequence may turn on bitlocker and you don’t know it did, where the bitlocker recovery key is located or anything ABOUT bitlocker. This update on some systems triggers the request for a bitlocker recovery key and if you have no bloody clue….as in the case of Mike and his father-in-law “. This happened to my father-in-law’s laptop and unfortunately the recovery key was not listed in his Microsoft account. His laptop was basically ransomwared without the ability to pay the ransom (luckily his son-in-law knows a thing or two about deploying Windows).” Note I have never seen a windows patch turn on bitlocker. It gets set up via the setup process of a new computer.

    Now then put your machine on metered network connection and use the blockapatch.com tools to block KB5012170.

    Businesses: In a network setting, note that even on virtual machines KB5012170 will be offered up.

    As always, thank you all for supporting the cause! Remember a mere $1 donation will give you access and if you donate $50 or more you’ll get a special code to enable text messages sent to your phone each time the Master Patch List gets updated and when I change the MS-DEFCON level.