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  • Businesses: want to control your browsers a bit more?

    In a recent thread on the site, many got into a discussion about which browser they standardized on. In a business setting, businesses typically want to control what their users do and do not do with a browser.  This post is in direct response to a request for specific resources on using group policy to control browser security.

    Microsoft provides a great deal of tools in group policy and active directory to control various settings. Keep in mind that even if you don’t have Active directory, you can use these same group policy tools with Windows 10 and 11 Professional.

    The ADMX site is an excellent resource of group policy settings.  I’ve linked to the Edge policies you can control. you can also use group policy to control Google Chrome settings as well. To control Chrome, you have to download the admx file from this site and then use group policy management on your domain controller to set the appropriate policies.

    I recommend that always multiple browsers are deployed. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had issues with one browser, only to have a site work fine in another.

    The key to using group policy is to find what admx file you need to download to add to the group policy store in order to control whatever you have in mind.

    I’ll also recommend reviewing the guidance at the CIS benchmarks on hardening both Edge and Chrome.  You have to enter an email address and name in order to download the guidance.

    Can consumers follow the guidance from Center for Internet Security as well? Yes, but with any hardening guidance I recommend that you back up your computer first, that way if you get yourself into a situation where something doesn’t work, you can restore your system.  Mind you many of these settings are already default for Edge or Chrome, this hardening guidance just showcases how you can enforce the settings so that they aren’t changed.

    And if you note they aren’t just geared towards Windows, they also have hardening guidance for Macs as well.

    So if you need to beef up your browser security, check out those resources from ADMX and from the Center for Internet Security.