Daily Archives: September 7, 2022

  • Catch the Apple announcements?

    All new iPhone line up, rebuilt Airpods pro, new Apple watches and updates to Apple Fitness.

    Link to the video keynote here:

    iPhone 14 and 14 plus (remind me again what version I have?)   Pre orders start on 9-9 at 5 am. The OS includes a home page feature they are calling “Dynamic island” (will have to dig into that more).  Emergency SOS via Satellite.  (We specifically got Dad a new phone and watch a few years ago for the falling alerts we can set up for him.  Fortunately he’s not had to use it but it has kicked in several times when he fell.

    Emergency SOS via satellite will be included for free with Iphone 14 pro for two years.

    Will I get a new phone?  No.  Will one of the youngsters be online on Friday at 5 am to buy a new phone….probably