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  • Can you install 22H2 without a Microsoft account?

    Can you install Windows 11 22H2 without a Microsoft account?

    In a word yes.

    There is a new way you have to do it. In the past the way you got around the Microsoft account mandate on a Home computer was to disable the internet connection right before it asked you to set up a Microsoft account. Now there is a new way to get around the mandate.

    First off, you can no longer get around turning off the Internet on Windows 11 22H2 home – or at least not in my testing. But don’t worry when it gets to that screen where it asks you for your Microsoft account, don’t say that you need to set up one, rather use a bogus email address. Or rather it’s an email address that really exists but is locked.

    Type in no@thankyou.com with ANY password. The system will indicate “that didn’t work” and then let you set up a local account.

    Video here showcasing how it’s done

    The trick here is that the email address of no@thankyou.com is an account that has been locked and can no longer be logged into.

    For Windows 11 22H2 professional, it too allows you to set up a user without a Microsoft account.

    In addition, Rufus has been updated to version 3.19 which includes the ability to bypass Windows 11 22H2 Microsoft account mandate during the setup progress. It is a new feature in Rufus 3.19 and later.