Daily Archives: October 1, 2022

  • What kind of backup do you need?

    Seeing the devastation in Florida reminds me that having key records stored someplace else is wise. But there are two things to always keep in mind:

    1. Security of where that is stored
    2. Where that is stored

    Should you have digital records stored on a portable flash drive or external usb hard drive?  Should you have it in a cloud service?

    When deciding what it key to keep, think in terms of what is important for recovery purposes as well as what is important for your legacy and memories.

    If extreme events occur, having things stored on the cloud is actually not a bad thing.  You can sign up for inexpensive storage on onedrive.  If you are a small business you can look at products like Cyber Fortress (used to be called Jungle Drive) .

    Another option you can use is products that “sync” your data.  Now I’m not talking about Onedrive, but rather products that Sync to Onedrive or other cloud services. So you still have your full file structure locally, but then there is a copy elsewhere.  The one I use personally is SyncBackPro.  It works for both business settings as well as personal settings (they have a free personal version).  For many years Microsoft had this tool called Synctoy that worked great.  Too great.  They killed it. Yeah…

    One command line tool that still works wonders is robocopy – but mind you it’s best with mapped drives or local drives.  Depending on the Cloud service it may not work to copy items.

    Do you use syncing software?  If so, what do you use and why do you like it?  What do you sync and where do you sync it to?