Daily Archives: December 14, 2022

  • Master Patch List as of December 13, 2022



    Business patchers:  Microsoft has indicated that they fixed the memory issue with the LSASS patch but still waiting for community confirmation.

    Consumers:  Defer updates at this time.  The secure boot patch KB5012170 has been released to apply to Windows 10 and 11 22H2 so be sure to defer it as well.

    I’ve updated the Master Patch List for Tuesday’s releases.

    It’s too soon at this time for consumers to be making recommendations, I’m still watching for issues.

    For businesses, the impact to look out for and keep an eye on are the Kerberos related patches.  Microsoft has indicated that the memory leak issues introduced in last month’s Kerberos updates have been fixed but I am still waiting for community confirmation.

    As a reminder

    • Windows 11 22H2: Not recommended
    • Windows 11 21H2: If you have a Windows 11 PC, recommended
    • Windows 10 22H2: Recommended
    • Windows 10 21H2: Recommended (if a vendor won’t support 22H2)

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