Daily Archives: December 17, 2022

  • So when do you decide to update?

    So there’s a pending update. It has security components. Should you update immediately? Well if you are a regular AskWoody reader you’d know what that answer is. Tonight’s tip for the weekend is not about what you should do if you run Windows, rather it’s about what to do if you run the Apple platform.

    Unless you’ve set your machine to automatically install updates, you can see that you’ll be reminded/prompted that Ventura 13.1 is ready to be installed if you’ve already installed Ventura 13. But should you install Ventura in the first place?


    First you need to ask yourself – do you have a backup? Should something happen with the update or should the hard drive fail for any reason, you want to make sure you have a backup. So first review if your backup has been working. On the Apple platform you can either use the built in time vault or use a third party program to back up your computer. Next no matter the platform I make sure I test how to restore at least a file. It may feel a bit extreme to test restore an entire machine, but at a minimum you should delete a few files and then test restoring those files.

    Ventura includes improvements to search in Messages, an option to play a sound in the Find My app to locate AirTags, AirPods Pro, and ‌Find My‌ network accessories, plus there are several bug fixes.

    Now just like in the Microsoft universe, there is no need to install major updates right away. Especially in business and University settings, some are still saying to hold off and not install Ventura on your Apple systems. And of course the more you hold back, the more the vendor puts back those items that they removed and people wanted back.

    Bottom line, no matter what the platform, have a backup. Don’t jump to a new release too quickly. Take the advice from this site no matter the platform and don’t be first in updating your system.